Ion Equity

Neil O'Leary
Chairman and Chief Executive

Neil is Chairman and CEO of Ion Equity a firm which creates or builds businesses. Initially focused on emerging technology, he has now created or controlled businesses with a combined turnover of $7 billion and with thousands of employees. Two of those SWS (renewable energy) and Topaz (fuel and convenience marketing) sold for over $500 million each.

Previous to Ion Neil was a lawyer, a Senior Executive with the London Stock Exchange and an investment banker with UBS where he was responsible for the execution of large transnational deals.

Businesses he currently chairs and/or controls or has major interests in, include Wellvii Inc. a U.S sensor technology business and MYDAWA a Kenyan Based healthcare disintermediation company. He has property or mining interests in France, Italy and Tunisia.

He is Chairman of Cork University foundation and has other non-profit involvements.

T +353 1 611 0500