Ion Equity
The Team

Neil O'Leary
Chairman and Chief Executive

Neil is Chairman and CEO of Ion Equity a firm which creates or builds businesses. Initially focused on emerging technology, he has now created or controlled businesses with a combined turnover of $7 billion and with thousands of employees. Two of those SWS (renewable energy) and Topaz (fuel and convenience marketing) sold for over $500 million each.

Previous to Ion Neil was a lawyer, a Senior Executive with the London Stock Exchange and an investment banker with UBS where he was responsible for the execution of large deals including the flotation of Billiton the then South African based global miner.

Businesses he currently chairs and/or controls or has major interests in, include Arc Connected Health, Sammon Contracting, Sportdec and Noster. He has property or mining interests in France, Italy and Tunisia.

He is Chairman of Cork University foundation and has other non-profit involvements including Traidlinks an East African based promoter of trade.

He has conceived, founded and funded MYDAWA a just launched Kenyan based disintermediation business which creates and provides high quality pharma and health products.

T +353 1 611 0501