Ion Equity

Power in partnership

Ion Equity is an investor in private businesses, primarily in Ireland and the UK. We partner with management teams to provide capital and active strategic and operational input. Unlike Private Equity investment funds, we invest our own capital and select a small number of companies to partner with. We have a track record of hands-on, active ownership, delivering exceptional results for all parties.

We are proud of the trusted relationships we have established with our company managers, investors, banks, advisors and other partners. We realize that their strength is our strength, and we aim to continue to build these relationships.

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Our Investment Philosophy
We target opportunities where we believe we can drive significant value, and have invested across many industries, including energy generation, retail, media, commodity trading and business services. We believe that shareholder value creation comes from building great businesses, not from financial engineering or market timing.

Our motivation as a private owner of businesses is long-term shareholder value creation, aimed at high returns but without excessive risk. Unlike a private equity fund, we do not seek to realize value from our companies within any particular timeline. We will continue to hold our investments in companies as long as we believe we are best positioned to continue to generate strong returns. Sometimes, we will seek to realize our investment through sale, other times we will seek to make our return through dividends, refinancing or simply continuing to grow value in the company.

Our track record is strong, having returned realized profits in excess of €700m on our investments to date, at rates of return far in excess of private equity norms.

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Partner led investments
Since 2010, the Ion Equity partners have generally invested on their own account, but continuing to use the shared capabilities and network of the Ion Equity platform. This has allowed the partners focus on their areas of interest and dedicate their time to a small number of investments each.

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